Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frugal February Update

So far, so good. Nothing more spent on groceries (or anything else, come to think of it). Last night I made two loaves of banana bread to use up the old bananas. Saturday I ground wheat and made whole wheat bread (yum, yum). There are no chips (crisps in England) in the house so we popped popcorn for a crunchy snack. We had stir-fry last night with a single butterfly pork chop cut into small bite-sized pieces for the meat.  The bottomless pits boys complained a bit, but filled up on the rice and veggies; then toast, then popcorn, and some ice cream. They really are bottomless pits! I looked through the veggie bins in the fridge to see what I have and what needs to be used up, then planned meals for this week. (Why do I go so long without making a plan!?)

Noble finally got the package of goodies I sent her, but said the bread was already moldy so don't send that anymore. The brownies made her cry with homesickness. (That wasn't the reaction I wanted.) Military mail to overseas is so slow, the only redeeming feature being that she doesn't have to pay customs on everything. 

PW goes to Marine Boot Camp in two weeks. We'll be going to San Diego (my hometown) for his graduation. He's been running and working out to get ready. 

Dr. Hair is going to All-State competition with his short film! When he puts his film up on YouTube I'll grab it and share with you. It is really good! (And that's not just a mommy's bias.)

The weather is warming up a bit, supposed to be low 50's today. YAY!!! Yesterday we woke up to snow falling, but by afternoon it was melted off the sidewalks and roads. I got out and shoveled a bit after lunch and needed only a sweatshirt. It was wonderful to hear birds singing and chirping in the afternoon.

Wherever you are, I hope today is a good one for you.

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