Friday, September 14, 2012

Grocery Spending

Today I spent $11.13 on two gallons of milk and 4 pounds of popcorn, bringing the total for the month to $300.38. At two weeks into the month the weekly average is $150.19 which I expect to go down as I make it through at least another week of very low spending.

My husband and I did talk about the need to stock up on certain things for the winter (as well as the outcome of the election) so maybe the average will go up. We'll just have to see.


  1. We are working on doing the same thing. We really want to cut our grocery bill down, simplify and do everything from scratch while stocking on on the necessities for our home. Thanks for sharing your journey! Hope you are doing well. Have a blessed weekend ~

  2. I normally only spend $250-300 a month for groceries, but we too are stocking up now. The news around the election and the outcome give me reason to think that stocking up more would not be a bad decision. Congrats on your saving!