Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday's Frugal Round-up

I honestly can't think of anything I did this week, out of the ordinary, to spend less.


Another part of frugality is taking care of what you have and planning ahead. Thursday I spent some time in the warm sunshine cleaning out my flower bed.


Sweet William and Daffodils

 At least I hope they are daffodils. I planted some mystery bulbs in the fall of 2014; all they produced last year were green leaves. I'm hoping they produce flowers this year.

I'm working on a landscaping plan for the whole yard so I can beautify our grounds and put in some edible plants too.

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  1. Sometimes it's like that isn't it? Can't think of one thing that we did that was thrifty because thrift is just part of our everyday life. You did a nice job on your garden. I started to clean my today, but it was too cold. Have thrifty week!