Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday's Frugal Roundup

Favorite Tools in the Kitchen

Many who advise on de-cluttering, or minimizing will say something like "Get rid of duplicates." "Have multiple use tools, instead of single use ones." To which I say Hogwash! At lease for me in the kitchen.

I spend too much time in the kitchen to have only one spatula that has to be washed or rinsed off so I can use it on the next task. I enjoy having multiples of my favorites, different sizes, different flexibility, different uses. I like having lots of wooden and bamboo spoons and implements. I really like having the correct knife for the job at hand.

I have lots of measuring cups (gotten at yard sales and thrift stores), lots of measuring spoons (acquired similarly) and plenty of metal mixing bowls in all sizes.

Acquiring things at thrift stores and yard sales means I can have the finest quality tools in my kitchen (patience in a factor here, don't settle for less than the best) at a fraction of the price.

Confession here: The only exception to that in my kitchen is my Cutco knife set. I bought that brand new twenty years ago from a niece who was earning money for college. (Not sure I'd do it again, but they have served me well over the years.)

Another confession. My husband worked while going to college at an upscale cabinet shop where he built cabinets for million dollar homes. He'd come home and describe these lavish kitchens he'd worked in. Once in a while he'd meet the owners and usually would ask the wife if she liked to cook. Not one of them said yes. They didn't spend much time in the kitchen at all. Generally they just used it for making coffee and microwaving something. I had to tell TopDad to stop telling me about these spoiled women and their fabulous kitchens. I enjoy cooking and baking, and throughout our marriage have put three meals on the table each day, especially when we were homeschooling and all five children were around. I've had to make do with some pretty cramped and humble kitchens.

I'm optimistic that someday (maybe my mansion in heaven, if I ever get one) I'll have a well laid out, commodious kitchen fit for entertaining all our children and yet to be, grandchildren. A girl can hope!


  1. Yes it's amazing how many people have kitchens just for decoration.

  2. Yes it's amazing how many people have kitchens just for decoration.