Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's Thrift in the Kitchen

Patience Rewarded

The other day TopDad got into the chest freezer for something and reported to me that it was looking kind of humble in there. In other words, stocks are low. That's because I've been waiting for the right sale to fill it up again.

This is the sale I've been waiting for. I bought two tubes, one for making burger patties, and two pound packages for meatloaf. The other tube I'll be making meatballs, and frying the ground beef with onion for taco meat, or for adding to spaghetti sauce, and such. The ol' chest freezer won't be so humble when I get done with all of that.

Patiently waiting for the thing you need to go on sale will save you money! Remember to use it up, and make do!

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