Thursday, August 2, 2012

At times like this I really miss homeschooling

Today was another big shopping day. First off to WallyWorld (Walmart) for some underwear, gym clothes and jeans. Dr. Hair is now in adult sizes which means more expensive. Dandylion had grown more than I thought he had by his birthday so he needed new boxers.  Both found two pair of jeans they liked and that fit; add to that all the right underwear and socks, plus a new zippered hoodie for Dandylion, plus gym clothes for Dr. Hair and it added up to about $141.00.

Now on to the shoe store. Dandy was the first to be measured. He'd grown TWO sizes. When he grows into his paws he is gonna be a big dog!! So instead of getting just one pair and using his old ones for gym, I bought him two new pair AND Sunday shoes as I just couldn't expect him to squeeze into his two sizes too small ones. The dress shoes are $120 Florsheim leather soled black loafers blessedly on sale for $35. I talked Dr. Hair into getting two pair also, one for school and one for gym. He is the most cost conscious of our children and is self-sacrificing to a fault. Anyway, five pair of shoes totaled $259. Guess who won't be getting new shoes this month.

When I was telling TopDad about the purchases I waxed nostalgic about the days of homeschooling when clothes didn't matter so much and we got ready for school with far less money. Actually this was the first year I bought brand new jeans for the boys, usually I look for nice ones at thrift stores throughout the summer. But this summer I didn't do that. I did lay down the law that as soon as they get home they must change out of their nice school clothes and shoes to keep them nice. That's a reasonable request, yes? Anyway, TopDad gave me a hug and complimented me for always managing to find things on sale and take good care of our needs. (I must give credit where it's due; I prayed before going shopping.)

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  1. You are so right! My son wears his pajama bottoms for class in homeschool. He will be taking one class at the community college, so I guess he will have to dress.