Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Just Fine

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in Audubon, Iowa (where did the summer go?) so I gave Dr. Hair and Dandylion haircuts trims. Not my best this time (I'm so erratic), but decent enough. In our family we have a code phrase "It's just fine," which means it will do until something better comes along, or I could have done better than that.

I told Dr. Hair to use his own money for a "professional" haircut if he wasn't satisfied with my work; he liked that idea. Dandylion's hair is the slowest growing hair I've ever seen. He can go three or four months between trims.

I've been puttering around doing a little here and a little there, but not really completing anything. I need a block of time and some space to do some big projects.

Yesterday I had the boys work in the kitchen next door cleaning the cabinets, which involved taking out the old shelf paper and edge trim, along with thumb tacks and cup hooks, then vacuuming out all the debris. Today we scrubbed and washed the cabinets. I think we got the first layer of dirt off; they still look dingy to me (I hate other people's dirt) so I'll have to do them again. I also scrubbed out the second closet in the master bedroom so it's ready to paint. I'm not sure what was on the walls of the closet, it seemed like some kind of mildew; it was easy to clean off and I'm hoping the KILZ I paint on will keep it at bay. The bright white sure is fresh and nice.

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