Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five Modes of Transportation Needed to get to Noble's dorm in Korea!

That's right. We were driven in a private car to the airport; flew from Tokyo to Inchon; rode an express train from Inchon to Seoul; took three different Subway trains to a bus station somewhere in Seoul (don't ask me, I was totally lost the whole time I was there!); then took an express bus from Seoul to the city surrounding the Air Force base; took a taxi from the bus station to the main gate of the base, walked through security at the gate; then took another taxi from the gate to the dormitory building where Noble lives. Whew! All the while toting two suitcase, one large and one small, fortunately both are wheelies. I can understand why frequent travelers pack light, very light.

Anyway, a few photos on our way to the airport. First, a view of the narrow streets.

Pardon my "smart" camera which kept focusing on the rain splattered window, instead of seeing through the window to the bridge and river. (I dislike "smart" appliances of any kind, I prefer to think for myself, thank you very much.)

I think this is my one and only view of bamboo growing. Those tall feathery looking things, mostly in the lower right.

Upon arriving at Noble's we were so tired that we just sort of collapsed for a short while before venturing out to the store to buy food for Sunday and Monday morning. I was surprised at how cold, overcast and rainy it was. Just the week before my trip Noble assured me that it was warm and wonderful. How quickly the weather can change. 

Sunday we relaxed; there was no scheduled church as this was deemed General Conference weekend. (Because of the time difference watching Conference live is unreasonable.) So we watched a session, and enjoyed letting our feet rest. Noble had plenty of outing planned for us to we discussed them and made our final plans.

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