Monday, May 4, 2015

Last Night and Morning in Japan

After the gardens we walked through a section of town where the fish markets are, then went for a late lunch at a sushi place and I had my first tastes of sushi. I wasn't terribly adventurous and didn't have any raw fish, but what I ate I enjoyed; I didn't take pictures either because I simply forget until it's too late. That evening I got to go to a session at the Tokyo temple. While I was inside the others walked around (in the rain) and went to a cafe for hot chocolate, etc. Here's Noble with what I think is the Tokyo Tower (old TV broadcasting tower, before SkyTree was built) in the background.

See, here I am at the Temple which is smack dab in the middle of urban Tokyo. It is right on the street with only a fence and sidewalk separating it from traffic. 

On Saturday morning we took pictures before leaving for the airport. I just love this wonderful family. (They also have a son, but he was shy and not around much so I didn't get a picture of him.)

Daughters and Mothers
And lastly, some interesting brickwork seen on the way to the airport. (Can you tell I like brick?)

I had a wonderful time in Japan and would love to go back. The best part is having someone to stay with and act as tour guide since I don't speak the language. It is a fascinating country with lovely people, really good food, and interesting history. Well worth the time and expense of getting there.

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  1. I love that the temples are in the cities...even in the busiest of cities like Tokyo and Manhattan. I, too was amazed - there are no flowers, no fence, nothing but the sidewalk and the bustling street up to the building of the Manhattan Temple! Not what I was used to seeing... where there are usually grounds surrounding the buildings.