Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tender Mercies

Saturday morning Dandylion, Dr. Hair and I got up very early so we could drive almost two hours to Omaha for a meeting with Sister Elaine Dalton, Young Women's General President. She was in the area for regional leadership training and decided to make time for a meeting with all the young women of the region. The reason my two boys went is that at 10:30 that same morning there was a stake youth activity and we drive to Council Bluffs/Omaha only once a day! So we got to the church about 8:00 AM for the 8:30 meeting and the church was still locked. I stood on the porch with a few others chatting and waiting. The Stake President drove up, followed by another car out of which came Sister Dalton. By this time there were about eight of us on the porch. Sister Dalton called out "Good Morning," as she ascended the stairs, then walked across the porch to me and said "I'm so glad you're here, thank you for coming," and embraced me in her arms. At that time she didn't hug anyone else, but walked into the building and then began shaking hands and greeting the girls. Why she chose me to greet with an embrace, I don't know. But I'm so grateful for the recognition and blessing. It makes me feel important to my Heavenly Father, that he would inspire her to greet me as an affirmation of my worth. I'm not a nobody! I am known to God.

Think about the times in your life that you've been the recipient of a tender mercy; then give thanks to the giver of them.

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