Friday, October 7, 2011

Thrift Store Score!

Just got back from a shopping trip north.  I usually stop in at the New Hope Thrift Store to see what I can see.  Today was great.  Here's what I scored:
3 packages of 9x12" sheets of perforated paper, brown, silver and gold - $.50 each ( I saw these and thought of Laura Ingalls and decided these would be fun to use to make holiday things and Christmas ornaments)
Package with all materials to make 2 gingham bibs - $.25 (woman at church is having a baby this month)
Set of circular knitting needles - $3.00
22" dk turquoise zipper - $.50 (matches some fabric in my stash)
Gift wrapping ribbon, Christmas colors - $.50
Card of 6 buttons, brass that look like woven bamboo - $.50 (great for a sweater or jacket)
spool of florist tape - $.25
vintage handkerchief with pink crocheted edge - $.50
Crocheted doily with lavender edge - $.25 (for my lavender bathroom)
Linen dresser scarf with embroidery and crocheted edge - $2.00 (I can see it as the front of a little girl's dress)
Linen dish towel - $.50
knitting stitch holder (for cable stitches) - $.25
card of 7 vintage buttons - $.25 (perfect for a vintage style dress)
2 packages of microfine glitter - $.50 each (more holiday fun)
Little girls Fairy Costume pattern - $.25
Seven pink linen napkins - $.25 each (There are seven in our family so this is just enough)
Round linen doily with crocheted edge that brings to mind the rays of the sun - $.25
Baggie of spools of thread, including 1 large and 3 small wooden spools - $.25 (I'm collecting to make doll furniture)
2 autumn colored placemats - $.25 each (I use as hot pads on our table)
Card of hooks and eyes - $.25
Counted cross-stitch kit for a Fridge magnet that says "There are two choices for dinner: take it or leave it." $.25 (That is what I've said to my children for years!)
Black and white striped knit top - $1.00 (to go with a skirt I picked up in San Diego)
Package of 8 Thank you cards - $.25 (I go through lots)
Stationary Set, 15 pages and 15 envelopes - $1.00 (I love to write letters)
Eight greeting cards - $.25 each (and send cards)
6 postcards - $.25 each (postcards are fun and fast too)

I even had my "frequent shopper" card filled up and ready to use to get $5.00 off my purchase.  Yippee!

I got all the above paying a total of $16.25 in cash.

Autumn brings out my creative, crafty side and I look for materials to add to my stock so when I need something I can "shop" at home.  I love thrift stores.

When I got home I found that the bolt of unbleached muslin I had ordered had arrived (to make curtains throughout the house); also a vintage pattern from Wearing History.  I am eager to make it up as it is just darling!  But first come the curtains as I need them for privacy and the coming cold weather.

(I wish I had a digital camera so I could take and upload pictures of the things I'm talking about. Sigh)


  1. Wonderful finds! I love visiting the thrift stores and finding great things to bring home! :) Have a beautiful week ahead.

  2. Wow! Much better prices than DI!

    By the way, do you have Dorothy's current address? I'd like to send her my condolences on the loss of you dear sister. (I mailing a card to you today.) God bless.