Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chuns Say the Funniest Things

"Chuns" is our family's word for children, which came about when JET was learning to talk and couldn't pronounce the word children. He would ask things like "Can the chuns go out to play?" It stuck and we've always thought it a much better word than "kids" which are baby goats. Anyway. . .

From the file marked "Children's Funnies"

8 January 2005
Tonight at dinner I noticed that JET's fingers were stained pink. I asked, "What's that on your hands?" He replied sheepishly, "I don't know." I said, "That's the most bogus answer I've ever heard. You didn't come running up the stairs screaming about the color appearing on your hands. What is it?"

He said, "Red food coloring."
I asked, "How did it get there?"
"Well I was in the pantry looking around and I opened the box and saw the bottle and I picked it up and it popped open and exploded in my hands."

Uh-huh! This incident did not stop him from snooping around in the pantry, and over the years I have devised many different hiding places for secrets. They have yet to find my favorite and I'm not about to divulge it until everyone is gone from home and have chuns of their own. So there!

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