Monday, January 9, 2012

De-Junking on a Large Scale

We live in a 90 year old house. The little old lady (and just as an aside, when I was working in Salt Lake City a long time ago in 1981, the receptionist called them LOL's), anyway the little old lady who lived here before us had carpet in every room, put in probably in the sixties. I've slowly been ripping it out to reveal the wood floors beneath.

Interestingly there are oak floors on the main level and pine upstairs. Today I worked in the room vacated by JET. It was the only room where the carpet and wallpaper actually coordinated and looked decent together.

This room is top floor, front of the house, facing south west.

 I really like the old doors in this house, with their original hardware.

I began pulling up the carpet and most of the petrified foam pad stayed on the floor:

This is the trail left by me dragging the rolled up carpet out of the room:

I swept up the crunchy debris, using a wide putty knife to pry it from the floor in some spots:

Then scooped it up into large trash bags:

After a thorough sweep and wash the golden pine floors look wonderful:

When Dandylion leaves, this will become my sewing room.

Ah, a job well done.  Isn't the sunshine pretty on the floor and door?

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  1. That floor is BEAUTIFUL! Man, I wish I had hardwood floors.