Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Senior Moment

It's a good thing we live just half a block from the Post Office. I walked up there today to mail a package to our missionary and got all the way inside before I realized that I didn't have his address with me. I don't pack a box at home, I take a bag full of whatever I'm sending and have them weigh it and we look at which option is the cheapest then pack the box and address it. I got my exercise today walking there, walking back, walking back there; then it was on to the bank for some business with them. I've read that exercise is good for the brain as it build the synapses that prevent memory loss. Good news for me!

In other news, I weighed another pound less today than yesterday. My discipline is having an effect and it is so encouraging. One ounce, one pound at a time the weight WILL come off. I have faith.


  1. You go girl! :) one day and one pound at a time. You are inspiring...maybe I should forget my addresses more often! ;)

  2. Eomma, you inspire people! Good job!