Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Walked to the Airport Today

This morning I checked the temperature, which at 37 degrees was deemed warmed enough to go for a walk. I headed out the door and walked through town, close a mile, to the T-Bone Trail. On the way there I said hello to my friend Albert, still wearing his Christmas wreath.

From Albert, it's just a hop, skip and a jump to the starting point of the trail. See the big zero in the lower right corner? 

It's a beautiful day and before I know it I'm at the first bridge:

Which overlooks a drainage ditch:

And just beyond that is the 1/4 mile mark:

Which is just before I get to the north end of the runway:

Continuing on I come to the BIG tree which is right across from the 1/2 mile marker:

Finally I get to the buildings of the Airport which lets me know where I am:

And of course the Airport Terminal:

Before I get the southern end of the runway I come to the second bridge:

Which overlooks a little creek, still frozen this morning:

And here at about the 3/4 mile mark I can look across the field and see the southern end of the runway:

Runway is the flat area underneath the green and red tractors

Next on my left are some quonset huts and an old brick building:

And finally, just before the 1 mile marker is the big steel building with the Ace Hardware sign:

On the way back I look across the fields and remember why I love living in Iowa:

Open spaces and big blue sky
On the south side of the bridges are benches for resting:

Today's walk was about 4 miles; one mile to the trail, one mile out, one mile back and one mile home.
I'm so grateful for this beautiful weather, the temp when I got home was 47! and the high is supposed to reach 59. Amazing for the first week of January, but perfect for jump starting my weight loss program.

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