Monday, January 2, 2012


Despite my best (or more likely because of my worst) efforts my sewing room is always a disaster area. I get fabric out for a project, decide that's not the perfect one and get out a whole bunch to sample and then never get it put back again. I have leftovers, patterns, mending, ironing, filing, piles of donations, off season clothes, and anything else that doesn't have a place all stacked and stashed around my room. It is a mess! And I have the pictures to prove it.

View from the door

My sewing desk

Most of my fabric stash (with some stuff on top)
Just today I got the totes of fabric into the corner and sorted some piles of fabric back into the appropriate totes. I love fabric and have lots! And I plan to use lots this year. I'm so inspired by the many other bloggers that I'm committed to making my daughter and myself some wonderful new clothes for spring.

But first I have to get the room organized so I can set up a cutting table and work space that really allows me to work.  I'm also wanting to share some of my fabric with others who could put it to good use. I'll think some more on how best to do that, as I have only eight readers and two of them are family.

I'm excited to report that I have been a really good girl for the first two days of the new year and the bathroom scale is showing a lower number than on the last day of the old year. It is encouraging!

In other news, we got a wonderful email from Elder PW saying he received the Christmas package and enjoyed all the goodies. Dr. Hair and Dandylion don't go back to school until Wednesday so I don't have the house to myself just yet, but they helped take down all the Christmas decorations and tree today and get that all stowed away in the basement for another year. It's so nice to have strong (and willing) young men to help lift and carry heavy things.

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