Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, A New Beginning

A fresh calendar, a clean slate, a new year in which to pursue goals, hopes and dreams. This past year was one of change and adjustment. I passed the one year mark of living in Iowa, a new to me experience; Noble joined the Air Force and left home permanently; JET graduated from High School and left home, temporarily it turns out (he's home again for a short time); as of this week Elder PW has just three months before he returns from Argentina; Dr. Hair surpassed me in height; and lastly, fortunately Dandylion still fits under my arm and still likes to cuddle.

I began my blog a year ago to announce and record my weight loss. LOL, that didn't exactly work; but it got me blogging and introduced me to a whole world of wonderful people and ideas that I didn't know existed. I've "met" seamstresses, crafters, preppers, scriptorians, moms of Large families, homeschoolers, poets, writers, photographers, gardeners, and more. What is so fun to me is that every blog I find leads me to at least a couple more (sometimes dozens). I've learned so much it's like attending a university.

With just two children at home now my time is more my own and I look forward to finally getting to some projects that have been on the back burner for years. My New Year's Resolutions include "making measurable progress" on five projects: weight loss, photo albums, cookbook, de-cluttering, and sewing.

I've written out a detailed weekly schedule to include all those projects so I don't get distracted and can focus more clearly on my desired outcomes.

Today we took Noble to the airport and said goodbye again. The time together was just too short! But I'm so thankful she got to come home at all and so grateful the weather cooperated so she could arrive and depart with no trouble.

Thanks to all who read this and may there be more of you in the coming year!

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