Friday, November 4, 2011

Grocery Stores

Day Four of Count Your Blessings

Today I'm really grateful for grocery stores.  In all of the history I've read and studied nothing amazes me more than the stories of families moving to the wilderness in covered wagons and making a life in the middle of nowhere.  Talk about self-sufficient, oh my.  No stores, restaurants, pizza delivery, or even neighbors.  What you carried with you was what you ate until you could grow something, which involved clearing land, plowing, planting, waiting patiently, harvesting, then preserving whatever it was you were able to grow.  We are SOOOOOO spoiled today.  Which is why I'm so thankful for grocery stores.  I make many things from scratch, but when I'm tired or in a hurry it is wonderful to open a package of some sort to make a meal (my idea of "fast food" is canned beans instead of the soak and slow cook kind).  I'm grateful to the farmers, the truckers, and all the others involved in getting the food from the farm to me.

I made a grocery store run today and picked up some cases of canned goods, and bottled juice on sale, to stock my pantry.  I love reading about others who have gardens and put up all their own produce, but that has not been within the scope of my life.  So I'm doubly grateful for a well stocked store.

I'm really grateful for a stove and refrigerator, as well as hot and cold running water. I can "pioneer" when called upon to do so, but I'm thankful I 'm not called on to do so at this time.

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