Sunday, November 6, 2011

Email and U.S. mail

Day Six of Count Your Blessings

Elder PW has been gone just over nineteen months, sixteen of which have been in Argentina.  When my brother was a missionary in Argentina thirty years ago, we waited weeks for each letter and sometimes months.  A weekly email from Elder PW is such a blessing!!  I count on it to retain my sanity.

But as much as I appreciate email, I truly love and treasure a "real" letter that comes in an envelope with a stamp on it.  It is tangible, I can take it upstairs, sit on my bed and relish it.  I can smell it, re-read it, carry it with me and share it with someone else.  There's nothing like a real letter. (And I hate to call it snail-mail because I think the letters from my mother in San Diego arrive in two days--I can't drive the distance that fast!)

But I do truly appreciate the speed and convenience of email.  I think we need both.

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