Friday, November 25, 2011

Pajama Party Game Night

Day Twenty-five of Count Your Blessings

Did you know you can establish a family tradition any time you want? We've had a number of "traditions" over the years. Some have lasted a long time, others weren't so popular. The current one we're trying is a Friday night Pajama Party Game Night. I felt we were watching too many movies and not interacting enough, so a couple weeks ago I invited everyone to a Pajama Party Game Night.  After dinner and then kitchen clean up we changed into our favorite jammies and pull out a bunch of games. Each person got to choose a game from the pile to play in turn. We had simple refreshments and snacks during the evening.

Dandylion getting a Yahtzee!
At the end of the first party Dr. Hair went to bed chanting "Fun night; fun, fun night; we had a fun, fun night." He was so HAPPY! I found that my simple efforts were worth it for my 15 year old to go to bed that night so happy. Tonight was our third party and it was just as fun. I think this is a tradition to keep.

I'm grateful for family traditions and making happy memories with my children.

A round of "Presto-Chango"

Playing "Warriors from the Book of Mormon"

P.S. One month from today is Christmas!

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