Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oops - I missed a day

Day Twenty-eight and Twenty-nine of Count Your Blessings

Well, I missed a day for no reason other than I was tired. Bad excuse. I've been wracking my brain too, but am in a fog and can't come up with something wonderful that I'm thankful for that I haven't already expressed. So how about a bunch of little things.

I'm thankful for:
a husband's warm body in bed with me on cold nights
an eighteen year old son's hug and "I love you Mom."
a fifteen year old son who holds my hand while shopping
a thirteen year old son who cuddles up to me on the couch
a faithful missionary son
a daughter who's my best friend

I enjoy:
sunsets and moonrises
rain and rainbows
flannel sheets and wool blankets
Mormon Tabernacle Choir music and Korean Boy Bands
plaid skirts and corduroy slacks
fruit pies and fudge brownies (homemade from scratch, of course)
whole wheat bread toast and peppermint tea
cheese - almost any kind
fresh summer fruit
movies that make me laugh and cry
good books
letters in the mail
dressing up
being remembered and recognized
making new friends
speaking in church
laughing with my children
traveling to new places (or old ones for that matter)
a clean house
sunshine through clean windows
unexpected gifts
museums and art galleries
live symphony concerts
mastering a skill
learning new things
a brisk walk
a leisurely stroll (hand in hand with a loved one is even better)
family history research
old photographs (whether I know the people or not)
fresh flowers
dark chocolate
linen napkins

These are a few of my favorite things. . .


  1. I've enjoyed reading your lists each day! Wonderful things to be Thankful for! :)

  2. You know what is really bizarre? Reading a list of things a person enjoys and stumbling over Korean Boy Bands. It was a little odd, and really stood out of the rest of the things you enjoy. I LOVE it.
    Tee hee... I got you hooked (said in a singsongy way.)
    You know, Eomma, I really think you will become a popular blogger. You post often enough, and you always have something good to say.