Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Makes A Friend?

Day Twenty-two of Count Your Blessings

Today I'm grateful for friends. I've heard from two of my favorites this week.

My idea of a friend is someone who is rarely too busy to let me come over to bend her ear for an hour and feels comfortable enough to stop in at my house to do the same.  She invites me for lunch or shopping at the drop of a hat, and is willing and ready to go when I invite her.  Then when one of us moves away she writes, calls, and emails regularly in answer to my regular letters, calls and emails.  She shares her griefs and joys and then allows me to cry on her shoulder in turn and is delighted to share in my good news. She gives good advice, encourages me, helps me see my faults, shares recipes and then expects and accepts the same from me.

I've lived in nine different places since getting married.  You'd think I'd have tons of friends, but what I have are many acquaintances, just a small handful of great friends! And one of those I raised along the way. (Saranghae, Ah Reum.)

 Since entering the world of blogging I've encountered some absolutely wonderful people about whom I think "I wish we were neighbors so we could be friends!"  There's got to be a word to describe this new kind of relationship.  In the meantime, I'm so glad to have met so many terrific and talented folks.

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